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Truth be told, I am more comfortable seeing life through my lens.  In a very real way, it provides a barrier between me and the unpredictable.  Aside from that, I have always been fascinated with space and time.  Photos are my way of holding on to time and I suppose that is as good an explanation as any for my lifelong fascination with photography.    

My first trip to Denver brought much delight.  I've seen plenty of snow in my time, despite being a SoBe girl but it wasn't the snow that kept me suspended in creativity; it was the town.  I like taking night shots, mostly because I am a night person.  Everything seems much more interesting in the dark and people in general seem to make a shift to a different mode of thinking, acting, reacting.  This being my first night in Denver, my camera hardly left my eye.  Other than to savour some Blue Moons.
There was so much more the following weeks but nothing was as magical as that first night.  I enjoyed myself to no end but if I have to pick one thing that struck me most about Denver it would have to be the art; it was everywhere!

Summer Promise

Denver, Colorado 2008