Gerry Kelly's Le Cirque Royale Birthday Xtravaganza

There is a "sense" I get when photographing people.  There is more to taking the photo than settings on the camera and composition for me.  There is a moment when your intentions are meet somewhere in the middle of the space that separates you.  Often, it is a vague and undistinguishable feeling.  But with some, it is as pleasant as it is direct.

Such is the case with "Miami's King of Nightlife, Gerry Kelly.  This was not the first time I have had the pleasure of covering one of his events and the results are consistent.  He is a gracious and generous person and it shows.

Below are some highlights from Gerry Kelly's Le Cirque Royale Birthday Xtravaganza held at the Newport Beachside Hotel and Resort on June 21, 2012, hosted by Kitchen 305.  And, as expected, it was a blast!

For all the photos and to read all the delicious details visit the event blog at What ya Got?

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