Pioneer Park - Deland, FL

Through the generosity of friends, I was able to explore the northeast coast of Florida last year.  There is so much more to this State to enjoy and discover and while I have travelled around, this is an area I had not yet been to.  

I was unaware of the history surrounding the 
town and was happy to learn so much of it all in one place; Pioneer Park in downtown Deland.   As is often the case, I let my eyes lead me in the direction of most interest and chanced upon this great find.  Along the way, we ran into a worker who was all too happy to give us the inside story on the Pioneer Park Murals. 
The townspeople pictured had all commissioned the artist to have their portraits incorporated in the murals. Most interesting was the snake someone had paid to have painted at the feet of one of the men known for what else, being a "snake."  Just down the street is Painter's Pond Park which was an amazing display of artwork.  Once again, the people portrayed were all at one time denizens of the town. 

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