Sylvia Wienstock Reception @ St. Regis Bal Harbour - October 2013

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Reel Horror Ball

I turns out The Reel Horror Ball at the Moore Building in the Design District may have been the best place in Miami to be Halloween 2013. The venue was interesting, the costumes creative and the vibe pure Miami.  Good times!

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The Visit

It is one thing to grab the attention of a model or celebrity, it is quite another to grab the attention of nature.   There are some photography moments I won't ever forget;  This is one of them.  Visiting relatives in Panama City Beach recently I made it a point to go out with my camera at sunrise.  The beach was deserted but for the heavy bird traffic.   I was alone on the second floor veranda when this seagull came to visit.  He was so curious and allowed me to take many photos of him, even when I inched closer.  Here I document his departure.  

Scene in Water

Is it beautiful because you notice it or do you notice it because it's beautiful?  On this day I had one of those out of body experiences where the scenery seemed to be looking for me; telling me it's own story.

People Clicks

Venice Beach

Though most of my strongest photographic interest lies in Nature, I also enjoy street photography.  While the results are different, the discovery of subject are equally satisfying.

Train Town - Griffith Park

Hollywood Walk
The difference comes only in whether or not I make contact with the individuals I photograph.  When there is some contact, I feel more of a participant in the photo.
Hollywood Walk

Anonymously shooting feels more voyeuristic in nature.  Each has it's quality and I take each situation as it comes, much like I do nature encounters.

Hollywood Walk

Hollywood Walk
Recording Artist Pink

The Honey Bee

I was walking around the yard after photographing two funny and active Doberman Pinchers. I'm always drawn to contrasts and textures which is what drew me to the bike near the wooden fence seemingly growing out of a patch of Dog Fennel.

The buzzing of the bee caught my attention as it moved clumsily among the little flowers. It was so big it sometimes tumbled off the petals before regrouping and moving on to the next one. What a busy bee! I am not sure I have ever seen pollen baskets that big! 

Isn't it funny how these simple moments linger in our memories? I love memorializing them with my camera; there is a story behind every click.

South Inlet Park in Boca Raton, Florida

A short drive North of Deerfield Beach, South Inlet Park offers a change of pace and a variety of things to do.  It was raining the day I found my way there but it still offered some great views, some waves to surf and lots of fishing spots.

The butterfly is a flying flower,
The flower a tethered butterfly.
~Ponce Denis Écouchard Lebrun

Beauty and the Rose

Even where least expected, nature offers us beauty as was the case this day while making an unexpected visit to a distant friend.

Falling for Flowers